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3rd August 2018

Sarsen Stone Group is a family company based in Wiltshire. Our business is the sourcing, supply, manufacture and installation of natural stone and related ancillary products such as cleaning and maintenance. Our brands include Artisans of Devizes and Ca’ Pietra.
Across all of our businesses, there is a deeply ingrained ethos of integrity and loyalty. Our success is based on ensuring that our business practices meet the requirements of a wide range of commercial and domestic customers while maintaining these traditional values on which the company was founded in 1990.

The natural charm of stone
When we established the business in 1990, English limestone flooring, in particular, was difficult to obtain, and consequently very expensive. But local, natural stone has its own charm, and we were confident that demand existed for this most perennial of products.
Premium quality wall and flooring products
The small market town of Devizes in Wiltshire had also established a reputation for artisan crafts and natural products. So we took the bold step of purchasing a small saw and started to cut our own tiles and flagstones. In those days, we were at full stretch producing 20 metres of flooring in a week. But we grew the market, expanded our equipment, our personnel and our logistics operation.
Nowadays we have two well-established brands in Artisans of Devizes and Ca’ Pietra, showrooms in London and Devizes selling an exceptional portfolio of premium quality wall and flooring products, and a case-book full of hundreds of projects.
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