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EQ Direct Pricing for PWS

In partnership with PWS we now offer the EQ Direct Pricing platform to deliver your cost prices from PWS directly in to your EQ system.
This delivers your price changes directly to your EQ Software application ready for quick importing. Please follow the instructions below to register to receive your PWS catalogue prices directly into EQ.
NB: Because the prices are cost, it is important that you apply your required margin / mark up in the Supplier screen.
You need to follow the instructions below to register to receive your PWS catalogue prices directly into EQ.


Ensure you are running EQ version 14.2.158 or above. If you need the latest version you can download it here. Follow these instructions for help upgrading your software.

1. Download the PWS catalogues from within EQ Software. Click File > Update... > Download Catalogues and scroll down to PWS

2. Follow the PWS registration instructions in the video below or printable PDF instructions.

As the video begins it will adjust the quality to suit you connection.
Click the icon at the bottom right to view it full screen.

Important note on entering your username and password when registering

Help setting up margins

Ensure your PWS catalogues are setup with a discount and margin to calculate a selling price. This will still be used for the painted products.
The PWS Doors catalogue has a list of price groups to set the discount and margin against. 
1. Click Suppliers (on the top toolbar) > PWS and click Standard Catalogues tab
2. Click the PWS Doors catalogue.
3. Click the Discounts & Margins button which shows the screen below
4. Read down the discount group (highlighted below in yellow) and fill in the discount and margin columns (shown in red) for each discount group.
If you are unsure of the price group codes please contact your PWS representative.
5. Click Update to save and close.
PWS TradeZone
  TradeZone allows you to submit orders electronically to PWS from with your EQ Software. Please click here for instructions on using TradeZone.
Further help is available in the EQ Support Centre where you can search for help on all topics of EQ.