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Villeroy & Boch New Loop & Friends Bathtubs

Monday, April 23rd 2012

 “Good design has many friends” is the motto of the successful washbasin familyLoop & Friends from Villeroy & Boch, a series that plays with geometrics and offers much flexibility for individual bathroom designs.
To enable market partners and end-users to plan Loop & Friends with greater assurance, Villeroy & Boch have now developed an individual series of bathtubs that matches the comprehensive washbasin programme. The new series is similarly distinguished by its simple yet intelligent concept. There are two inner forms – oval or rectangular – for a total of 22 bathtubs, available in the two colours White Alpin and Star White. Five different large rectangular built-in tubs, one freestanding bathtub, two trapezoidal bathtubs, an oval tub, a corner bath and two hexagonal bathtubs are available. Whichever of the two inner forms is selected, the new bathtubs represent uncompromising quality, optimal user-friendliness and a timeless top-design with softly flowing lines.
Two forms, numerous versions, infinite possibilities
The choice of Loop & Friends bathtubs ranges from space-saving built-in tubs to attractive corner varieties to freestanding baths offering great spatial impact. In addition to the classical corner bathtub, the collection includes trapezoidaland hexagonal bathtubs to bring comfort and relaxation into every corner of the bathroom. The trapezoidaltub tapers towards the foot end and is available for left and right mounting.
No matter whether the bathroom is large or small, symmetric or irregular, the large variety of Loop & Friendsbathtubs makes finding the right bath easy. All the bathtubs have an inner height of only 44 cm and thus require a reduced amount of water. User-comfort also benefits, as getting into the bathtub is made easier. A number of the bathtubs have two identical backrests and a centrally positioned outlet, making the tubs comfortable and enjoyable for two people bathing together. 
The Loop & Friends bathtubs are cast from high quality sanitary acrylic with a pleasantly smooth and easy-care surface. The 9 cm wide rims are ideal for mounting tap fittings and also provide a convenient, easily reached shelf.
Bathtub accessories – functional and beautiful
Perfectly complimenting the Loop & Friends bathtubs, Villeroy & Boch have created special bathtub accessories such as a new versatile bathtub shelf made of high quality genuine wood veneer in Oak Graphite and in light-coloured wood, both available in two sizes. There is also a soft multifunctional cushion specially designed for the bathtub. This can be used on the bathtub rim as a headrest, or put on the floor of the bathtub to sit on, to use as a footrest, or to place under the thighs to prevent the body slipping in large bathtubs. The cushion is available in three colours: Anthracite, Bali and Peru.
Convincing simplicity
The simplicity of the modern bathtub collection Loop & Friends is convincing. Choices are easy, combinations with many Villeroy & Boch products – not only the Loop & Friends washbasins – are possible, cleaning is convenient, getting in and out of the tub is made practical, and, of course, the design is simple but timeless, the quality convincing, and the pricing transparent. Loop & Friends bathtubs offer solutions for every type of room and for all design preferences.
Whirlpool systems – quick and easy with the whirlpool configurator
All Loop & Friends bathtubs can be fitted with a Villeroy & Boch whirlpool system, providing still more relaxation or added stimulation while bathing. The whirlpool configurator is available to Villeroy & Boch’s wholesale and retail market partners, as well as installation companies, for the sale of whirlpool systems. This sophisticated service tool provides 100% planning security when giving advice on whirlpools, as the assembly of whirlpools is planned via the easy-to-use web interface that only allows compatible options to be chosen. After completing a configuration the system produces a non-binding quote for the whirlpool system chosen.

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