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New Supplier Partner- Fiora

Monday, April 23rd 2012

EQ Software would like to introduce Fiora as the latest Supplier Partner. 

Fiora has revolutionised the bathroom industry with its unique product approach. The company was the first to offer bathrooms that invite us to touch them, to feel their textures, groundbreaking spaces that can be felt an enjoyed beyond the sense of sight.
This way of understanding the bathroom, perfectly conveyed in the motto Fiora Touch Your Bathroom, is supported by investment in effort to be a little bit better every day. Fiora’s R&D investment has materialised in its unique product patents awarded over the course of these last few years, such as the ELAX shower tray, or the TOTEM, FUSSION and COLORS collections.
The first 100% flexible shower tray.
ELAXis the first shower tray that is totally elastic and flexible.This model, technologically developed by Fiora’s team, breaks away from pre-established conceptions, and puts its entire stakes on R&D, with a one-of-a-kind design.

ELAX is flexible! It has been built using smart materials, thanks to which it can be rolled up, thus making it easier to transport and store.  Also, its flexible surface, a delight to touch, is safer than, and avoids the tendency to dent and crack of traditional rigid surfaces.

An ELAX is also elastic. Compared to other shower trays, it can be cut to fit any measure, using a simple cutter and a slight twist.In short, it is the first tray that instead of ‘demanding’ a particular space for its installation, can be adapted to the specifics of each space, and adjusted to the taste and needs of each customer.

Complementing this visionary system, Fiora’s team has also developed the Tea System, a design like no other in the world, that joins the ‘Elax’ tray to offer more stylish, efficient and adaptable water evacuation solutions than other drains such as the grid drains.
Collections ‘for a new era’
COLORS, TOTEM and FUSSION, three different collections by Fiora that share a common denominator: they break away from pre-established conceptions in the design of bathroom furniture, anticipating the future of the industry.
COLORS, the first one of our collections, offers the most personal and creative design and style.This bathroom furniture combines the most current color and texture trends, is the result of a comprehensive and decisively innovative and creative process.Our ornamental concepts in bathroom furniture always seek to maximize functionality, without giving up on exclusiveness, comfort and new market trends.This collection features the trendiest and liveliest colors, which divides its surprising designs in four sections; Leather, Lines, Pine and Buttons.Also, the new line offers different counter tops that offer endless customization possibilities.
TOTEMis the representation of design and state-of-the-art technology in shapes.A piece as emphatic in its structure as in its materials, born to herald a new concept in bathroom decoration:shatter architectural barriers, become a living element, capable of conveying a rich sense of well-being and comfort.
José Luis Pérez Ortega, worldwide expert in Industrial Design, has been pivotal in the development of TOTEM, a new model born out of the intensive collaboration between the designer and Fiora’s design team, an essential component of its organization.The result:a fusion of art and practicality for the bathroom
Finally, with its FUSSION collection, Fiora has created a new era for home decor. Breaking away from traditional mindsetsFlowers, clouds, waves and flat colours that with this collection venture into an uncharted tactile dimension.

The Fiora catalogue is now available to download FREE for EQ customers on General Release from the Bathroom pack.
For more information on Fiora products please contact  Steve Middleton
t: 07790 986483
e: [email protected]

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