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Landau Parapan Integrate Texture and Colour

Thursday, February 16th 2012

Having recently acquired the distribution of Parapan in the UK, Landau has now integrated the high gloss acrylic into their range of competitively priced kitchen doors in solid timbers and hand-painted finishes combining state of the art technology with traditional skills.
Where designers are looking to mix colour and texture, the flawless, ‘mirror-like’ reflection of Parapan®is the perfect partner for Landau’s collection of 8 exotic veneers and 5 metallics.  Made to measure and formed to virtually any radius of curve they offer a spectrum of totally new bespoke design solutions.
And colour? - grey is emerging as a favourite colour choice for neutral schemes and Gareth Atkin, Sales Director for LandauParapan®, believes it is set to be even more popular in 2012. 
Parapan® is available in 5 shades of grey - cool, contemporary shades that are particularly good with stainless steel through to warmer tones that complement more traditional stones such as marble.  Grey also performs well as a backdrop for the brighter spectrum of colours such as lime green, bright red and this year’s highlight colour - orange.
But if high gloss, concrete and chrome is too cutting edge Landau can give a more traditional kitchen style an instant update.  Their Brooklands range of painted framed kitchens can be supplied in any shade of grey for timeless elegance with a modern twist. 
The Landau collections will be shown on the website and in a new brochure in spring 2012.

The Landau Parapan catalogues are available as a FREE download to EQ customers on General Release.

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