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Goccia- Water Goes Into The Living Room

Monday, April 2nd 2012

Gessi introduces Goccia, a revolutionary collection of furnishing objects. Goccia features an innovative design inspired by the fluid and natural shapes of water.
Goccia stands as an unprecedented product concept which elevates matter, form and function. The collection comprises a unique range of furnishing items for living, dining and relaxing spaces, featuring a rich mix of models, materials and finishes.
All of the items exude a natural elegance, that makes them fit gracefully in both private and public interiors.  The soft familiar contours are beautiful to the eye and touch. They can transform a living space, making it personal and cozy, modern yet relaxing.
Goccia is the first tap for a living room.
This new collection incorporates a new product concept with enhanced functional and aesthetic content. It opens the way for brilliant interior settings and endless possibilities.
The outstanding design of Goccia brings a spout into the living room with a sleek and spectacular effect. Water can now spring directly from the dining table, as the Goccia tap and washbasin can become part of the table itself.
Goccia is not an accessory; it becomes the very distinguishing feature of an interior space. Its originality induces new ways of interacting with water and the living areas.
Goccia is not only style and product philosophy, but is also a sustainable concept. The Goccia range is manufactured using advanced technology, which means that all Goccia taps can save up to 50% of water usage without compromising their functionality. The product represents a more intimate feeling for luxury, one connected to the elegance and glamour of the objects, as well as to their impact on the environment.
Goccia demonstrates how creativity and innovation, together with a content of poetry and respect for the world can turn dreams into objects. Gessi, a company different by nature, has accomplished this.

The Gessi catalogue is available through premier bathroom brand distributor Farmiloes on General Relaese from the Bathroom pack.

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