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EQ Developing Excellence with KBSA

Monday, January 16th 2012

EQ Software has developed a special feature enabling KBSA retail members to register Consumer Care Plus contracts directly from within the system. With an easy initial set up, KBSA members using EQ, the UK’s most popular business management software, can reduce a time consuming process to a few clicks and complete in a matter of seconds. 

Consumers buy with confidence from KBSA retail members because all offer either a Consumer Care ( Deposit Protection Scheme or a more comprehensive Consumer Care Plus scheme covering the deposit, advanced payments, work-in-progress and a 6-year warranty. The new feature within EQ has the positive effect of ensuring all supply only and installation project registrations can be completed quickly and easily. This is a point not lost on KBSA CEO Graham Ball who says “We are proving that the KBSA are not just keeping up with the times, but are ahead of the game by engaging with technology from a leading company like EQ Software, who are helping our members develop and deliver excellent service throughout the interiors industry”.

The Consumer Care Plus feature is just one of the many benefits to EQ’s management system. With over a quarter of all KBSA registered outlets using EQ’s kbb business management software, the advantages of using this technology are already benefiting many members. Neil Schofield, Marketing Manager at EQ re-emphasised their commitment to the association, “This is just the start of our relations with the KBSA. As well as being great to work with, Graham and the team are actively encouraging more members to look at us for their business management and website solutions. 
From lead generation through the internet, sales tracking, project planning to production and installation, we are always looking to improve the efficiency of this management process through continued development of our products and services.”

For more information about KBSA or to become a member contact Dawn Harlow on 01623 818808, email [email protected]or visit the website

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