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Ambience Tuning Technique by Dornbracht

Wednesday, February 15th 2012

At Swissbau 2012 in Basel (January 17-21, 2012), kitchen and bathroom fittings manufacturer Dornbracht presented an expansion of the groundbreaking shower technology Ambiance Tuning Technique through addition of a new application: the Horizontal Shower. With the Horizontal Shower, for the first time showering with the Ambiance Tuning Technique can be enjoyed lying down. With this, Dornbracht is expanding the vertical showering experience with addition of a horizontal counterpart to fulfil the longing for natural elements and a natural water experience. With this application, Dornbracht is once again setting a trend in the shower area.
"With Horizontal Shower, we are transporting the showering experience into a new dimension," notes CEO Andreas Dornbracht. „The result is total relaxation of the kind that is only possible to someone reclining.Tension in the head and muscles melt away, everyday stress is rinsed away with the water; body and mind are noticeably revitalized."
The Horizontal Shower combines six WaterBars recessed in a wide-area shower field located above a recliner. Just like the other applications in the Ambiance Tuning Technique, various flow types can be combined using preprogrammed choreographies of water temperature and quantity – to create just the balanced, invigorating or relaxing shower experience the user seeks. The shower is controlled using the central eTool controls integrated in the head area of the recliner – making it convenient to operate while lying down. The user can enjoy the Horizontal Shower lying on his or her stomach or back. The recliner surface itself is heatable. The Horizontal Shower can be used both in private and public spas.
As applications, the Horizontal and Vertical Showers are the architectural expression of a new, self-aware approach to life, an approach that seeks opportunities for a return to a decelerated and hence healthier everyday life. The aim is to use a variety of avenues to harmonise body, mind and soul with one another once again, creating a more relaxed approach to the hectic pace of life.
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