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Sycamore Lighting- Supplier Partner Profile

Monday, October 22nd 2012

EQ Software would like to introduce you to Sycamore Lighting Ltd. 

Established in 1998, Sycamore Lighting is well known as one of the UK’s leading lighting suppliers to the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom trade. Sycamores commitment to providing the very latest in LED technology, and having the expertise to offer technical guidance and advice, has enabled them to maintain their position as market leaders in the supply of lighting to the KBB sectors.
The current collection from Sycamore includes an innovative range of kitchen lighting, featuring the new Halo Natural White LED, which is an impressive 60% brighter than any other 12v/24v multi point LED currently available to the UK market. The products include an edge lit Halo, with either a Natural White or Blue aesthetic feature. Various styles are available, including recessed and surface mounted options, triangular, square and wedge shaped designs. To complete the Halo range, there are three feature glass fittings, which incorporate either a circular, square and triangular design. 
The Prestige range also includes many new LED cabinet lights, all available with Natural White LED, which is suitable for any kitchen design, whether modern or contemporary. 
Sycamore Lighting is also dedicated to providing the very latest in Lighting Control Systems, and can offer expert advice and recommendations based on individual requirements.
Each scheme is individually designed, and any kitchen, bathroom or indeed whole house lighting requirement can be incorporated within any system. Sound systems, fire and burglar alarms can also be integrated within the design, to give the client total control of any given system.
Wired, wireless or a combination of both, gives the ultimate in flexibility when planning a layout, and with control options from keypads, remotes, tablets or Smartphone Apps, Sycamore are again leading the way with domestic control systems.
Energy efficient ceiling lighting is now a very important factor for planners when they are designing a kitchen or a bathroom. Legislation dictates what can or cannot be used in such installations and Sycamore has again embraced LED technology to offer products that are installer friendly, and conform to all the legal requirements of the building regulations. Sycamores new fire rated down lighter range not only incorporates dimmable high output LEDs, but is IP rated for bathroom use, and is also designed to allow insulation to be run over the top of the fitting. Available with chrome or nickel finishes and offering various LED colour renditions, this range will allow both Designers and Installers to offer a product that ticks all the boxes from a legislation point of view.
Sycamore Lighting are very pro-active with training for their clients, with each course  focusing on the legal aspects of lighting, ease of installation and obviously how to determine which lighting is going to offer the best solution to a clients requirements. Fully qualified Electrical staff allows Sycamore to offer the most up to date information on all the above subjects, as well giving tips on how to install certain lighting and lighting control systems.
 Lighting is becoming more important to planners, designers and not least the client, and the 3 main criteria that should be adhered to when planning any scheme are; Mood, Ambience and Function.
Using the correct lighting with a good control system can enhance any installation and hopefully retailers can take advantage of the expertise available which will enable them to offer their clients a “WOW” factor on every job.
For more information please contact Sycamore Lighting

t: 0113 2866686

The Sycamore Lighting range can be downloaded FREE for EQ customers from the Kitchen & Bedroom plus Bathroom packs.

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