October 06, 2003  




Product: phpXscripts
Current Version: 1.0.0
Price: $14.95
Product Information: phpXscripts is ideal for anyone wanting to change any aspect of their webpage quickly; even themes are created using an easy-to-use scripting language requiring no previous knowledge of PHP. The setup program for phpXscripts creates all the necessary MySQL tables and the default setup on a 200MHz Pentium with 48 Mbytes of RAM running Linux with Apache 1.3.28 and PHP 4.3.2 executes, on average, in 0.21 seconds which is 375% faster than the default setup of PHP-Nuke on the same system. phpXscripts has support for multiple users which can have their own unique access level. Therefore, users can only access modules, or only a certain part of a module depending on how phpXscripts is configured. Modules are installed and configured through phpXscripts, instead of a complex setup program that needs to be uploaded and run. phpXscripts is also extremely secure because any data sent across the to user is encrypted using the 128-bit MD5 algorithm. phpXscripts runs best under Windows or Linux, although it should run perfectly on any other platforms too!

A demo of phpXscripts is located here :- http://demo.eqsoftware.net

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