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About EQ Net


We are delighted to announce the release of EQ Net. This exciting new application has been designed to automate the downloading of catalogue and price list updates, which means the data contained within your EQ Software system is always up to date with the data available to us.

The application automatically starts when you turn your PC on and sits unobtrusively in your taskbar. It periodically checks for price list updates and downloads them when required. Once the update has been downloaded the EQ taskbar will display a message showing what catalogues are ready for import.

Simply click on the EQ Net logo to download the setup file. EQ Net will automatically configure itself and will also inform you if there is an update. Once the catalogues are downloaded, EQ Net notifies you that the catalogues are ready by sending a message to the EQ system.

More details about the update history of a catalogue will be available online at kbb Gateway by clicking the message in EQ.

EQ Net Taskbar icon

Program update notification,
click the message to start the software update

How to install EQ Net

  • Click the here to download the setup file - eqnetsetup.msi.
  • Once downloaded, double click the setup file.
  • The installer will guide you through the installation and may need to also update your PC with other Microsoft components (.Net Framework, etc).
  • Once complete you can run the program from Start Menu > EQ Software.
  • EQ Net will start up each time you turn on your PC and run in the Taskbar as above.

The video below shows the steps to install EQ Net in less than 2 minutes.


EQ Net requires a current version of EQ Software to be installed.
EQ Version 14 is currently available to all EQ customers with a support agreement. Please click here to request your upgrade.