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EQ Services

At EQ Software we offer business management, online and full eCommerce solutions for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom industry.

For retailers and manufacturers who are looking to invest in a single application, providing end to end control of  their business from specification to installation, look no further than us.

How do we do it?
With links to all the major UK CAD vendors, furniture designs can be imported into the software for quick and accurate quoting and ordering. At the centre of our powerful system is the huge number of kbb manufacturer and distributor (supplier) catalogues we hold in usable electronic format, of which we have 1000's currently in use provided by hundreds of suppliers.
This is the core business of EQ Software and what distinguishes us from the competition. At EQ we do not simply move spreadsheets because catalogue information can arrive from industry suppliers in any form. Our professional data team process the received information, carefully capturing codes, pricing, descriptions, images, specification and associated accessories, enhancing product link creation for use within the software. Projects can be collated and processed, products ordered quickly and easily direct from suppliers.

EQ Business Management range
Our business management software range is provided with expanding levels of functionality. Foundation is our entry level product and aimed at retailers on the first steps of implementing a single system solution for running an efficient kbb business. 
Professional is our flagship product and is designed for kbb companies who operate several systems on a network or on multiple sites. The most extensive kbb business management software available today.

EQ online solutions 
Over the years of development and at the request of our customers, we have added in more functionality and business modules culminating in the exciting introduction of our 'eStore' web based kbb eCommerce solution in 2010. From simple brochure websites to full and complex furniture online sales, we have the solution you are looking for here at EQ. Designed, built, with full support throughout and beyond 'going live for business' and project managed from the start by our dedicated eStore development team. 





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