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EQ CMS working platforms

EQ CMS is tested to work on the following platforms:

Internet Explorer 7 Running on Windows XP, Internet Explorer 7 Running on Windows Vista, Internet Explorer 8 Running on Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9 Preview Running on Windows 7, Firefox 2 – 3.6.8 Running on windows 7, Google Chrome Running on Windows 7, Opera Running on Windows 7, Safari Running on Window 7, Chrome Running on Mac OSX Snow Leopard, Firefox 3.6 Running on Mac OSX Snow Leopard, Safari Running on Mac OSX Snow Leopard, Safari Running on iPad, Safari Running on iPhone 3gs, Safari Running on iPhone 4, Safari Running on iPod Touch


EQ CMS is also written in a modular format allowing us to “bolt on” extras and updates as and when the site may need to evolve with new search engine technologies or languages.


Just a few of the features in EQ CMS

  • Add / Edit / Delete content and web pages by the click of a button
  • Edit your content using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web page editor (similar to editing a text document within a text editing programme such as Microsoft Word ®).
  • Add hyperlinks, download links, images, text and flash content easily
  • Rename web pages
  • Add Keywords and Meta tags for search engine optimisation
  • Backup and archive any changes made to any page, with easy moderation.
  • Restore old content by the click of button 
  • Create/manage the navigation structure quickly and easily
  • Hide web pages from public view
  • Enable and disable web pages from public view
  • Set page links to other sites or products/services that are offered
  • Set which template design you wish to use on any page (allowing different designs / colour schemes on any web page)  
  • Set which CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) you wish to use on any page, giving literally unlimited amount of styles and layouts.
  • Page cordons allow for setting up pages only accessible by a particular group of users.
  • Multiple editable content areas allowing for stable page control.
  • Hit and view statistics for individual pages.