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Welcome to the EQ Support Centre


How to use Help


Press F1 on the keyboard from any screen within EQ and the help file will open at the relevant page or visit


You can pick a topic from the table of contents on the left. Double-click a topic to expand it and pick from a sub-topic.


Go to Search and type in a keyword to find it. Each area of the program is explained in depth.

Read more detail
When you see a plus next to a sub-heading in a topic click it to expand the section and read more detail under the sub-heading. You can also click on screenshots to make them larger.


This help file is the primary location for all help material for EQ. There are additional resources to get extra help as detailed below.



Further Help - Software Support


If you need further help contact our support team:


1.Request a call back. Go to Help > Help Options > Call Back Request and fill in the detail. Your call will be submitted to our call log and we aim to return you call within an hour.


2.Call 01827 839 259 and select 1 - software support


3.E-mail [email protected] or [email protected] for support with eStore.


Further Help - Catalogue Queries


If you have queries with catalogue price lists, product descriptions etc you can submit a catalogue query online. (You will need an Internet connection on your EQ PC).


1.Go to Help > Help Options > Report Catalogue Query. Follow the prompts and supply as much detail as possible. A reply will be sent to your e-mail address.

2.If you have Internet access elsewhere e-mail [email protected]


3.Call 01827 839 259 and select catalogue support.



EQ Software Help  - 12/09/2018