Import from Articad

Follow these steps to export an item list from a plan, out of Articad and in to EQ.


In Articad


1.Run Articad
2.Open up your plan
3.Once your plan is open click onto File and Run Wizard, this will open up a new dialog box
4.Click on to Prophet and then click on OK. This will create the link between EQ and Articad. At this point Articad creates a file with the same name, but with the extension EQD rather than KIT.

Note: The screen will not change, you may see the cursor egg timer momentarily.


5.Close Articad and launch EQ. (You may wish to leave Articad open if you wish).




1.Click New Quote. Select the manufacturer details and range information required, and click OK to start a blank quote


2.Click the Current Quotation menu > CAD... > Import from CAD System
3.Click on the CAD system icon, i.e. Articad (Generic). You have a choice of generic product codes or manufacturers product codes depending on what catalogue was used to create the CAD plan.


4.This will open a dialog box called Choose cad file to import.


5.Locate where your plan is saved. By default that will be in C:\Articad\Kitchens\Plans. You should be able to see the plan name i.e (bloggs.eqd)  If you cant see the eqd file click on the down arrow by Files of Type and change to All Files.


6.Select the .eqd file and click on OK


Match Products


This is the Match Products screen. Here you can select the items you wish to import.



In the left hand window pane, you will see the products imported from Articad and when you click on a product, on the right hand side are the EQ equivalents.


Products that appear in red do not currently match up with the EQ catalogues. Click on a red product and then click Search from the toolbar to find the code manually. You will then be able to use the Product Details screen to select an appropriate alternative.


When you select the product, you will be asked if you would like to link this product in the future. Answer "Yes" and you will have less matching to do manually in the future.


Products in black without a X mark require you to select an alternative from the right of the screen. Products in black with X are already matched and selected.


Once you have selected all the items you require, so they all show a X mark, click on Import Products and this will place all selected items into the EQ quotation and return you to the standard quotation screen. You can continue to work with this quote in EQ as normal.


Note:  Whilst importing you may encounter some prompt boxes, such as a door selector or a screen to choose an appliance cover. Choose the relevant options to continue to reach the quotation screen.