Export Payments

Payments can be exported into Sage Line 50 version 12 and above, only.


Ensure that some payments have been recorded in EQ before proceeding. Also check the your customer records exist in Sage and EQ and that both programs use the same account reference.


1.Go to File > Export > Export Payments
2.Input from and to dates to search for payments and optionally narrow down the payments shown by clicking the tick box
3.Select which payments to export by putting a tick in the box
4.Click on the Export Payments button
5.Leave the file name as Payments.csv (unless you want to change the location by clicking the browse icon)
6.Ensure the file type is Sage Line 50 v12 and click Export


The process from EQ is complete. Now open Sage and ensure all windows are closed.


1.Go to File > Import...
2.Select Audit Trail Transactions and click Run
3.Locate the Payments.csv and click Open


The "File Import Success" window will display a list of the payments that have now been imported into the Sage customer records.