EQ Software is a desktop product so to use it on a tablet such as an iPad, Android tablet, Microsoft Surface or similar tablet you need a remote connection to a PC desktop. For a standard Windows desktop computer this will be a screen sharing remote control application. Also note that Microsoft Surface Pro will run a full version of Windows that you would be able to install EQ onto directly (note that you couldn't network over WiFi for your EQ data)


Third Party Applications (for standard PCs)


A simple remote login application is LogMeIn (www.logmein.com) or Teamviewer (www.teamviewer.com). You install their application on a desktop PC and it runs in the background ready for a remote connection from another connected device (another computer, tablet or even phone). Ensure that the computer you want to control is left switched on and does not go into any power saving mode. Each of these providers have their own application for mobile use.


Be aware that using a remote control application will simulate you using this computer so a user sitting at the same computer would not be able to use it at the same time. When using an iPad or iPhone over a 3G network be aware that your data usage could become significant so please check your data tariff.


Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (for terminal services)


If you use a terminal server you can use a dedicated application on your tablet/phone from Microsoft called Remote Desktop Connection. Search on the app store for your device for the application and you will need to configure it with your server address and server logon details.


Third Party Applications (for terminal services)


iPad applications that connect with RDP include iTap, PocketCloud and Jump. Search your devices App Store or contact your I.T. support for more information on Windows remote desktop protocol.


Please note EQ Software is not responsible for third party software, and cannot provide support for your choice of remote desktop application.