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About EQ Software

Developed by a team of professionals from the kbb and IT industry, EQ was the first dedicated business management software solution for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom market. Located in Shuttington, Tamworth, EQ Software was created in 2000. In the company’s brief history, it has become the leading provider of business management software for the kbb industry. Now with over 1 in 4 retailers or manufacturers using the system.

Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals provide continuing program development, on-line support, software training, the commissioning of bespoke software and product catalogue data services; all this is driven by direct feedback from our ever growing customer base.

CAD & Accounts links

EQ Software offers links with the leading accounts, design and visualisation systems, including ArtiCAD, Fusion, 20-20 Technologies, Compusoft, Kitchen Draw, Virtual Worlds, Carat, Cabinet Vision, Autokitchen, Sage, Pegasus and QuickBooks to name but a few.

Supplier partners

With direct support from hundreds of kbb industry manufacturers and suppliers, EQ Software now features the largest product database in the industry.