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The Sarsen Stone Groups classic natural stone brand Ca` Pietra is now available on EQ Software

9th March 2018

The Sarsen Stone Group's classic natural stone brand Ca` Pietra is now available on EQ Software.

Traditional values for a modern world

Sarsen Stone Group is a family company based in Wiltshire. Our business is the sourcing, supply, manufacture and installation of natural stone and related ancillary products such as cleaning and maintenance. Our brands include Artisans of Devizes and Ca’ Pietra.
Across all of our businesses there is a deeply ingrained ethos of integrity and loyalty. Our success is based on ensuring that our business practices meet the requirements of a wide range of commercial and domestic customers, while maintaining these traditional values on which the company was founded in 1990.


The natural charm of stone
When we established the business in 1990, English limestone flooring, in particular, was difficult to obtain, and consequently very expensive. But local, natural stone has its own charm, and we were confident that demand existed for this most perennial of products.

Ca' Pietra was established in 2009 to provide a collection of classic stones for retailers. Our collections have grown each year, and we now supply an exceptional range of value-for-money natural stone products to a nationwide network of bathroom, kitchen and stone retailers.


Ca’ Pietra is a family business and many of us have been in the stone and tile trade for more than 25 years. We have a genuine passion for natural stone and innovative, modern materials. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for you to use them within home improvement projects.


To do this, we are committed to:
  1. Sourcing the best quality, best value floor and wall materials in the world – whether this is natural stone or man-made materials such as encaustic tiles, high-quality porcelain and mosaics
  2. Making our products available via the retail trade so that you can buy them locally and speak face-to-face with a retailer
  3. Being available to offer technical advice

Encaustic & Terrazzo tiles

Encaustic tiles were first made in Europe in the late 19th century. They were used to decorate the floors of palaces in St. Petersburg, Gaudi’s distinctive houses in Barcelona, and grand hallways from Paris to Saigon. Today they are to be found in countless chic bars, restaurants and designer-homes in London, Paris and New York. Ca’ Pietra’s collection of hand-made decorative tiles are made using the ‘encaustic’ technique with cement where the pattern is inlaid into the body of the tile, so that the design and colour remain, even as the tile wears. These differ from ceramic tiles, where the surface pattern is the product of the finishing glaze printed on the surface.

It’s said that ‘terrazzo’ was created by builders in Venice as a low-cost flooring material to surface the outdoors areas around their living quarters. Originally it consisted of chips of scrap marble set in clay and then sealed with goat’s milk! Nowadays, of course, it is produced by industrial grinders and set with man-made resins.
Our collection is still made by hand but using natural pigments, cement and marble chips. The tiles come ready to install and require only a coat of sealer before and after grouting.

These on-trend terrazzo tiles retain their vintage, handmade charm, but the marble content makes them very durable and perfect for commercial use.


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