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5th September 2017

Founded in 1978, Daval are innovators in the creation of luxury fitted furniture for your home. Located in the picturesque landscape of Yorkshire, Daval is a family owned business with British furniture design and manufacture at its heart.
With a timeless collection of traditional and contemporary made-to-measure furniture for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, Daval offer a dedicated team of specialist cabinet makers who work together to design and make bespoke furniture, just for you.

Our sincere and uncompromising approach to quality, design and attention to every detail (however small) is how we can offer such a broad mix of styles and finishes. In 2007 we developed Option-i; a market leading production technology which allows us to produce made to order, made to measure furniture. This technology literally means that you can now have your furniture, your way. 

Our Commitment To Sustainability
The team at Daval are not only looking for ways to create beautiful furniture, but also to become more sustainable, recycle more and reduce our carbon footprint.
In 2009 we worked with Talbott’s Biomass Energy Systems and The Carbon Trust to install a heat exchanger that turns our waste into fuel which provides heat at our head office premises. By converting approximately 15 tonnes of waste a week, we’ve adopted a 2 fold energy approach.
Firstly, we send as much waste as possible back to our suppliers to be broken down and reused as new material. Secondly by generating our own heat we have reduced our Carbon Footprint by 130 tonnes of CO2 annually.
Daval House,
Spa Fields Industrial Estate,
New Street, Slaithwaite,
HD7 5BB.
Tel: 01484 848500
Fax: 01484 848520

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